Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Leiah Muller

Based out of San Diego, CA

With our bridal makeup you will enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. We will discuss the desired style and create a makeup and hair style that will make you feel absolutely comfortable.About Wedding Makeup And Hair
Experience that classic and modern style pin-up makeup for your photo shoots or events. We bring the authentic pin-up girl feeling right in front of your camera.About Pin Up Makeup
If you need absolutely realistic SFX makeup, we are your partners. Fake wounds, zombie makeup and scary faces – we create exactly what you are looking for in your photo shoot or movie production.About SFX Makeup

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We offer a wide range of hair and makeup services including but not limited to: weddings, photo shoots and personal styling.

Prim & Pr0per doesn’t have your average stylist or makeup artist, we are a team of highly skilled artists that want to bring our signature magic to you, on your big day taking that walk down the aisle, your next pin-up shoot to surprise your man while he’s away, or just a day to yourself. (on and off site)

For those in the entertainment industry we offer highly stylized looks at competitive prices, ensuring that your production stands out from your typical cookie cutter looks. We are prepared and equipped to glam-up your artist for their music video all the way to cast and specialty makeup in television and film.

Some Companies We Work With:

Bridal Makeup & Styling

Wedding Makeup Artist Virginia Beach
Only with a professional wedding makeup artist you have the guarantee the get the best results. We will meet with you in advance to discuss what style of bridal makeup you are looking for and how we will style hair on your wedding day. Our reliable team will then be with you during the whole wedding to make sure your appearance is absolutely perfect at any time.
  • your very individual style

  • no exaggerated makeup looks

  • scars or tattoos can be covered

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Pin-Up Hair and Makeup

Pin-up makeup has a very long tradition, from the styles in pin-up girl photos soldiers used to appreciate during the wars all the way over the 50s and 60s into our more recent time. The fascinating pin-up makeup is our specialty and we guarantee an amazing work for your photo shoot or event.
  • 100% authentic styles

  • exactly following given guidelines

  • ready for the cameras

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Pin-Up Makeup Artist

SFX Makeup / Special Effects

SFX Makeup Artist
Creating special effect makeup can be a big challenge. If not done correctly, it can easily appear fake. We have the experience to create perfect SFX makeup that will make your photo shoot or video production amazingly realistic.
  • absolutely realistic

  • attention to every detail

  • perfectly blends into your scenery

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Makeup For Music Video And Film Production:

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