SFX Makeup Artist

Your Professional Special Effects Makeup Artist

Are you a movie maker planning to produce a movie that involves the work of a special effects make-up artist? With us as your SFX make-up artists you can have your actors and actresses in total transformation to almost everything, whatever your script’s meticulous demand. Our expert make-up artists can create anything, from aliens arriving from outer space, to a group of badly injured passengers from a plane crash or even a zombie apocalypse. As your special effects make-up artists we have the ability to bring to life more bizarre characters than anyone could ever imagine.

Choosing the right special effects make-up artist is one of the determining factors of your project’s success. Unfortunately, experts are hard to find. Not everyone can personally work with the directors side by side, day by day, to produce genuine scenes. So finding a fantastic special effects make-up artist is really a daunting task. You don’t want to ruin your production because you picked the wrong guy.

Just call us. We will be studying your script, work hand-in-hand with your crew and make sure that your movie will become one of your best productions ever! Whether it is for a web series, TV program, indie film or Hollywood movie, our team is dedicated to give you the most realistic SFX makeup looks that will bring the emotions your production is trying to convey. So go ahead and contact us to see what we are bragging about!

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You Can Catch Some Of Our SFX Makeup In The Movie “The Possession Experiment” in (2014)